Tips for kissing with braces


At first, take it slow because, for now, it is time to get used to new braces. With your new appliance, you will have to learn how to eat and brush your teeth. You may even need some time to adjust, talking with your braces. So wait until you are comfy with your braces before jumping onto something like a kiss. We recommend you to wait for at least two weeks before kissing your partner.

Being gentle is important for the safety of your braces and your partner. Therefore when you do kiss, take it slowly. Start with closed-lipped kisses. Be careful, or you might end up cutting your partner. Also, make sure that you and your partner keep your tongues away from your braces. Because just like lips, the braces can cut the tongue, and it will ruin the moment.

One thing you can do to make your kissing experience a pleasant one is using dental wax. Dental wax can make your braces more comfortable make kissing enjoyable. As a matter of fact, if you use dental wax properly, your partner may not even notice it. You can cover the rough spots that might cut your partner and make it a wonderful moment.

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