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Dental Implant Lead Generation

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With a budget of $350 per month - we can get you up to 40 patients leads.

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( average cost per lead in the market for implant patients is $60 and for health industry is $37).

Average cost per lead by industry: the final answer from 22 influential articles

 Patients struggle to access care, the average wait time to see a doctor is 19 days. patients contact us every day to know if we can connect them with the right dentist.

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  • Attract and engage new patients.
  • build and strengthen your online reputations.
  • Get up to 40 leads per month.

How will you deliver the leads to me?

we will share with you an online spreadsheet that will be updated automatically every day.

Are there any extra commission?

No, 95% of your budget will be spent on online marketing to maximize the number of leads.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Absolutely! you can cancel the contract at any moment. We don't want you to pay a penny if you don't get leads.

Is there anything that I need to do?

No, we just need to know your clinic's website and location - that's it. We'll find the leads for you - they will just wait for your call. Most of them even ask questions - so your secretary will know what they need.

MOST OF OUR LEADS ARE INTERESTED IN IMPLANT TREATMENTS! because we advertise dental implants treatments solutions.

Do I have to buy RDS products to use your service?

No, you can use your own tools and products. but if you choose to buy our products in addition to our leads service, you will definitely get a discount!

Start a trial mode with us/ pay as you go $10 per lead.


we will advertise the deal not the name and your office will be unpublicized! 

The secret to growing a thriving dental practice in today’s competitive environment is clear: find a way to consistently attract new patients while working to keep the ones you’ve got — all without breaking the bank. RDS lets you do just that. 


Patient retention allows a practice to build a solid income of patients who will return for regular checkups and other oral health needs. However, patients are less likely to seek a professional practice that only offers general dentistry services. By working with us, we can help introduce these general practices with specialists to help provide patients with more services.


A Network of Traveling Dental Specialists with Complete Clinical and Operational Support.

Real Dental Solutions is unlike any other solution in the market. Our first-of-its-kind platform ties together everything you need to maximize your presence across the web and to improve patient experience.

We take the time to help a general practice search for a specialist and vice versa. We will match the specialist with the medical background a practice needs. It can be difficult to find the time to properly search for a specialist. We can ease the process by searching through our team of specialists and finding one that meets your needs.


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