Double-Bar® Concept

The implants failure may be caused by micromotion and stress exerted on implants during the phase of bone healing. This concept is especially true in case of implants placed in atrophic ridges. So the primary stabilization and fixation of implants are an important goal that can also allow immediate loading and oral rehabilitation on the same day of surgery. This goal may be achieved thanks to the technique of Double-Bar®.

RDS is proud to introduce a game changer in the field of All on 4 Implants / All on 6 Implants.

(SURPASSES Titanium supported restoration)

-You have fewer appointments than traditional dental implant methods – Two appointments as compared to eight or more.

-Surgery time is shortened because less bone reduction needed.

-same-day smile is customized for your patient with final implant-supported restoration.


-less weak points in the restoration as you can see in the picture, by providing 2 connective Bars to the 4/ 6 analogs we are providing a stronger, more stable solution for All on 4/ All on 6.



Double-Bar® vs.  Titanium Bar 
Appointments One appointment  8+ Appointments
Cost $2000 $4000
Strength  No weak cantilevers Weak with cantilevers
Price for patient $10k+ $20K+
Failed implants Re-relate  Restart from impression
Bone reduction Less or no bone reduction 4-8mm Bone reduction
Existing Implants Can be used Most likely can't be used
Weight  Light Light
Esthetic Natural   Natural
Fitting Passive Passive
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